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Theory.org.uk Trading Cards


What's this "Trading Card" thing all about?

The Theory.org.uk Trading Cards Series is a set of collectable cards, published on the Web, which provide handy information on a range of thinkers and concepts.

You can look at them on your screen, or print them out. You can put them in your pocket, and refer to them secretly during seminars or pretentious dinners. You can play them as a card game, or just admire them as art. A selection of them can also be seen in the Theory.org.uk Trading Cards Screensaver.

For more info see the Frequently Asked Questions.

The main set of cards were written and designed by David Gauntlett (except card 12, written by Fiona Handyside). They are part of the website Theory.org.uk which provides a range of resources on culture, media, gender and identity.


After the 12 'official' cards were published, various people started making their own cards based on the same basic template. These 'bootleg' cards are now published here as well, and have enabled the Trading Card set to more than double in size.

Note that since the bootleg cards are not created by Theory.org.uk, we cannot accept responsibility for any failures of spelling, layout, humour or fact which may appear on such cards.