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Topps responds! The US trading card company writes to us - and it's not a lawsuit!


Read the original introduction to the Trading Cards from the San Francisco Examiner (1 August 2000)

The official PUBLISHED set from AltaMira Press are out now. 21 original cards (no bootlegs!). See details here.

The Trading Cards are a pack of 32 online cards featuring theorists and concepts close to the hearts of people interested in social and cultural theory, gender and identity, and media studies.

The twelve original, 'official' cards were released monthly during 2000-2001. During 2001-2003, the original twelve cards have been joined by twenty 'bootleg' cards made by fans. Why not view a random card?

In 2004, a new set of 21 designs were published by AltaMira Press as actual cards and are now available from bookstores! The published set is different to the online set. Life's like that. See full details.


> Adorno, Theodor (#7)
> Beauvoir, Simone (#20, bootleg)
> Beck, Ulrich (#24, bootleg)
> Benjamin, Walter (#31, bootleg)
> Burchill, Julie (#29, bootleg)
> Butler, Judith (#2)
> Compte, Auguste (#26, bootleg)
> Deleuze & Guattari (#16, bootleg)
> DuBois, W.E.B. (#28, bootleg)
> Duchamp, Marcel (#18, bootleg)
> Emin, Tracey (#9)
> Foucault, Michel (#3)
> Giddens, Anthony (#1)
> Gilbert & George (#10)
> Girl Power (#15, bootleg)
> Goffman, Erving (#6)
> Greer, Germaine (#27, bootleg)
> Hooks, bell (#11)
> Jung, Carl (#19, bootleg)
> Kohut, Heinz (#21, bootleg)
> Lacan, Jacques (#17, bootleg)
> Lefebvre, Henri (#12)
> Luhmann, Niklas (#32, bootleg)
> Marx, Karl (#25, bootleg)
> Pierre et Gilles (#14, bootleg)
> (#22, bootleg)
> Postmodernity (#5)
> Psychoanalysis (#8)
> Psychologists (#4)
> Said, Edward (#13, bootleg)
> Walkerdine, Valerie (#23, bootleg)
> Weber, Max (#30, bootleg)
> The Bowling Green Bootlegs
   (5 emerging theorists)

Download the lovely Trading Cards Screensaver - free!

The 12 original cards are available as PDF files to download and print out onto glossy card. (Here's how). The bootleg cards do not exist as high-resolution cards and can only be viewed online.


> Download (optimum colour)
   (Acrobat format, 4.5 MB)

> Download (colour GIF)
   (GIF format, 1.9 MB)

> Download (black and white)
   (Acrobat format, 1.5 MB)

> Download (optimum colour)
   (Acrobat format, 1.9 MB)

> Download (colour GIF)
   (GIF format, 0.7 MB)

> Download (black and white)
   (Acrobat format, 0.7 MB)

For better-value printing you can also have a full sheet with 3 each of cards 10-12, but it's a 5.6 MB colour Acrobat file.
See the further information on downloading and printing the cards.