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Theory.org.uk Trading Cards
Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What are these cards for?
A.  See the page called What is this?.
Q.  Who made these cards and this website?
A.  David Gauntlett, Professor of Media and Communications at the University of Westminster -- see this page.
Q.  What are 'bootleg' cards?
A.  They are cards made by other people, in the style of the 'official' cards. The official cards (#1-12) were made by David and first published here during 2000-2001. People have been sending the bootlegs (#13-) ever since, and we add them to the site too.
Q.  Why is the website address theorycards.org.uk instead of theory.org.uk?
A.  The answer isn't very exciting. Due to the popularity of the theory.org.uk site, I was having to pay a lot of extra money for the excessive bandwidth, so a way around that was to turn the Trading Cards pages into a separate-but-linked domain, which spreads the bandwidth stress. However please just refer to the pages as being part of Theory.org.uk or it will all get too confusing.
Q.  How have these cards been received by the world?
A.  The cards section of this website gets about 35,000 visitors a month. For actual feedback you want the letters page.
Q.  Can I send you comments?

Of course you can. Email david@theory.org.uk.

Q.  How can I help?

Get other websites to link to www.theory.org.uk . . .
Tell newspapers and magazines about the site . . .
Thank you!

Q.  How do I print the cards out?

See the Help with printing page.

Q.  Why can't I print out sheets of high-resolution images of the bootleg cards?

Because they don't exist! The people who make the bootlegs do so for fun and they can't be bothered to make the high-resolution versions that I used to make. You can't blame them really. Nevertheless, you can of course print out each bootleg card individually from the webpage it appears on.

Q.  Card 4 seems unusually rude about psychologists. Why?
A.  When I wrote the rules of the trading card game, I realised that it was no good just having cards about great ideas and clever theorists -- you need some weak cards too. So obviously we had to start with the psychologists.
Q.  Where can I buy a set of these cards?
A.  You can't, they only exist here on the Web. But you can download a whole high-resolution set from the main page.
Q.  Why don't you do a card on [x]?
A.  Well, maybe you would like to write exactly 63 words on that topic? (Plus strengths, weaknesses and special skills). Email me if you'd like to write a card.